Top 10 Ceramic Logs for Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are great for home heating, as they are more convenient, safer for the environment, and more cost-effective. Aside from these, gas fireplaces are also easy to customize, with a wide variety of ceramic logs that you can choose from.

The overall best ceramic logs for fireplaces are the Natural Glo Large Fireplace Logs and the Regal Flame Fireplace Gas Log Set. Both have realistic designs, are able to sustain high heat, can be used in various types of gas fireplaces, and release no toxic fumes. 

In this article, I will take a look at the two most highly recommended ceramic logs as well as eight others, weighing in on quality, design, and cost. By the end, you’ll be able to decipher which ceramic logs are most suitable for you.

Best Overall: Natural Glo & Regal Flame

If you’re looking for something that checks all the boxes, the Natural Glo Large Fireplace Log Set and the Regal Flame Fireplace Gas Log Set should be your top choices. Boasting of excellent quality, they also come reasonably priced.

Natural Glo Large Fireplace Log Set

Whether you need to use it indoors or outdoors, these Natural Glo Ceramic Wood Logs from work great, emitting–and sustaining–natural heat just as if you had a wooden fireplace at home. Aside from that, they are eco-friendly and safe for your family’s health, as it does not emit any toxic fumes.

It also comes with small and large ceramic wood pieces (10 to 15 inches or 25.4 to 38.1 cm) with a slightly charred appearance, making it look like real wood, but without the ash that you get with real wood.

Regal Flame Fireplace Gas Log Set

The multifunctional Regal Flame Ceramic Wood Gas from works in all types of indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces or fire pits. The 4 to 9-inch (10.16 to 22.86 cm) logs come in a very realistic brown wood design, with pine cones added to the mix to achieve a natural, cozy feel. 

These are also eco-friendly, produce no smoke or fumes, and are lightweight for easier transport. 

Best Quality: Barton & Stanbroil 5-Piece

If you’re looking for top quality, go for the Barton Fireplace Ceramic Wood and the Stanbroil 5-Piece Fireplace Wood Logs both products are available on They are made with durable material, certified safe, and easy to operate. Plus, they look really stylish too!

Barton Fireplace Decoration Ceramic Log Set

Don’t let the word “decorative” fool you. This log set is definitely not just here on the list for its looks. The ceramic logs (10 to 15.3 inches or 25.4 to 38.86 cm) are made of high-strength yet lightweight ceramic fibers, making this set a good long-term investment.

This can also be used in both indoor and outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, and the logs are designed in a way that will prevent them from scratching the fireplace. Additionally, the charred brown wood design of the logs mimics the appearance of real burned wood, so it looks like you have a wood fireplace without the hassle of a real one.

Stanbroil 5-Piece Fireplace Wood Logs

This log set is the perfect definition of premium quality plus aesthetic appeal. You get five ceramic logs ranging from 10 to 19.5 inches (25.4 to 49.5 cm) that look like real seasoned firewood and that can withstand extreme temperatures without changing in appearance.

The logs don’t change in color or look charred even with frequent use, which is a common problem with other ceramic logs. 

They also don’t leave behind any ash or release toxic fumes, which makes them perfect for use in both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits.

Best Design: Stanbroil 10-Piece & Peterson Real Fyre

If you’re more into achieving a beautiful, stylish fireplace, the Stanbroil Ceramic Wood Logs and the Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs are your best options. They wonderfully mimic the look of real burning, charred wood to provide you with the perfect focal point for your living room.

Stanbroil Ceramic Wood Log Set

This Stanbroil Ceramic Wood Log from comes in two sizes, small (3 to 8 inches or 7.62 to 20.32 cm) and large (10 to 15 inches or 25.4 to 38.1 cm), so you can choose the right size that fits your fireplace. The small size set comes with three pine cones for a better variety of designs and a more natural feel.

The logs and pine cones are separate, so you can arrange them whichever way you like. Additionally, they produce a red and orange glow that makes the set look overall like a very realistic furnace. 

Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs

If you want a fireplace that looks like it has real burning oak wood, the Peterson Real Fyre Oak Gas Log from is for you. It has arguably some of the most realistic-looking logs, especially considering the intricate details on the ceramic. The tiny crevices and grooves on the deep brown ceramic logs make them look like real oak.

Additionally, the logs, measuring up to 18 inches (45.72 cm), look heavy (as you would expect from real oak) without being really so. They produce an orange glow as well, adding to the realistic effect. Each log is also fitted with a steel rod to keep them stable.

Most Budget-Friendly: Avafort & Goplus

Having a tight budget, thankfully, doesn’t have to mean settling for low-quality, poorly made products. The Avafort Gas Fireplace Log Set and the Goplus Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log Set are proof that easy on the wallet doesn’t have to mean below average.

Avafort Gas Fireplace Log Set

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, and good-quality ceramic log set for your large fireplace, you may want to check out this ten-piece Avafort Gas Ceramic Wood Gas from, with logs ranging from 11 to 15 inches (27.94 to 38.1 cm) in size. 

The oak and maple wood-like finish of each ceramic log makes for an elegant and stylish design. Not only do they look good, but they also burn “clean” without producing ash or toxic fumes. While capable of resisting high heat, they don’t remain too hot for long, making them safe to use at home.

Goplus Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log Set

One of the most affordable high-quality ceramic log sets available is this Goplus Ceramic Wood Gas from Suitable for indoor and outdoor setups and compatible with most fireplace types, this one’s practically a steal.

As they burn, the logs do not produce any toxic residue, making them safe for daily use. Additionally, the partially-charred brown wood design of the logs that give off an orange glow is also easy on the eyes.

Final Thoughts

Considering the cost, quality, and design, the Natural Glo Large Fireplace Log Set and the Regal Flame Fireplace Gas Log Set are the best deals you can find on the market. 

However, if you’re here for the cheapest good-quality finds, best go for the Avafort Gas Fireplace Log Set and the Goplus Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log Set.

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