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Electric fireplaces offer both heat and a soft, warm light that can cozy up the ambiance of any room. They offer the perks of a fireplace without all the mess and hassle from burning wood. They usually have more features than a traditional fireplace as well. If you don’t have a good spot for a freestanding electric fireplace and don’t want to mount it in the wall, another option is a fireplace-TV stand combo. 

The best overall electric fireplace TV stand for most households is the Seylaa Frederick TV Stand, available on This is a great option because of the look, quality, size, and heating capabilities. It fits easily into any home decor theme and is a great quality piece of furniture.

The only instances where this might not be the best choice are if:

In this article, I’ll take you through the different features and factors to consider when choosing an electric fireplace TV stand, and I’ll show you how my recommendations stack up against one another. I’ll also discuss why the Seylaa Frederick TV stand is the best electric fireplace TV stand for most people and give you some alternatives for certain situations.

1. Meble Furniture & Rugs York 02 Electric Fireplace

2. SEI Furniture Media Center & Fireplace

3. Best for Small TVs: Northwest Space Heater Entertainment Center

4. Hogan Electric Fireplace TV Stand With Logset

5. Walker Edison Alcott Corner TV Stand

6. Good & Gracious Electric Fireplace TV Stand

7. Meble Furniture Rova Electric Fireplace TV Stand

8. Ameriwood Home Farmington TV Console

9. ClassicFlame Deerfield Cabinet

10. Best Overall: Seylaa Frederick TV Stand

11. Walker Edison Glenwood TV Stand

12. Rintuf Electric TV Stand Fireplace

Factors to Consider 

There are a few factors you should consider when choosing an electric fireplace TV stand for your home, which includes:

  • Size of your TV
  • Heating Capabilities
  • Style and Design

When you make your selection, you’ll need to pick a TV stand that fits both your TV and the space where you intend to use it. There may also be weight limitations to consider. 

You also want to consider your room size to ensure that the fireplace will be powerful enough to heat it. If you’re not using it for heat, however, this won’t be a significant factor to consider and may widen your options. 

Both TV stands and electric fireplaces come in a multitude of styles, finishes, and designs. 

You’ll need to consider what kind of look will fit best into your home. Whether it’s a farmhouse style or something sleek and modern, the style will narrow your selection. 

Other design factors may include storage space and whether the unit has room for the other devices connected to your TV. Some people like TV stands with shelves while others prefer a neater look. 

If you need to put the TV stand in a corner, this is another design feature to consider. 

Different units have different features, so you should consider which ones are most important for both style and functionality. For example, if you’re using the unit in your bedroom, you will probably want a remote control to turn it on from the bed. Not all units offer the same features and capabilities. 

Let’s take a look at these factors in more detail and see how some different electric fireplace TV stands compare against one another. 

Size Of Your TV

The size that you’ll need for your electric fireplace TV stand depends on several factors. 

The length and width of the stand must fit your TV and the room or wall where you’re using it. It also has to be able to support the weight of your television. 

TV stands may also vary in height, which can be important based on which room you’re using it in and the room’s layout. 

The following recommendations can all be found on

Best for Large TVs: Meble Furniture & Rugs York 02 Electric Fireplace

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This York 02 electric fireplace TV stand from Meble Furniture & Rugs is an excellent option if your TV is 75″ (190.5 cm) or larger. The unit itself is 79″ (200.66 cm) so it can easily fit televisions that are in the 75″-85″ (190.5-215.9 cm) range. 

This TV stand features a modern look and an LED light kit, which can change between 16 different colors. The fireplace includes a remote control, so you can flip through the settings without having to leave the comfort of your sofa. This is perfect for any entertainment area.

The flames can change between three different colors to adjust the ambiance in your home, and you can also use the remote to control the heat settings or dimmer.

You can assemble this piece yourself, though it would probably be much easier with someone to assist you. Just make sure to check the depth of your television’s base because this TV stand is only 13.5″ (34.29 cm) deep.

Best Tall Option: SEI Furniture Media Center & Fireplace

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This piece is a beauty, and its versatility only makes it more appealing. 

Not only is this electric fireplace taller than most of the others on the market, but it can also be converted for placement in the corner of a room. It would look stunning featured on the main wall in a living room, or it could be a cozy addition to a bedroom. 

This fireplace is loaded with excellent features. 

You can use the remote control or voice commands, and it’s even Alexa-enabled. Alexa can turn the fireplace on or off, turn the heat up or down, turn the flame level up or down, or set a timer on command. 

The look of rich wood and stone, along with the LED lights, make this TV stand look like a cherished piece of furniture. If you’re looking for something with a little more height than other standard TV stands, this one by SEI on is an excellent choice. 

The only downside for this item is the fact that it’s made of faux wood and faux stone, so that it may seem more “cheap” than pieces made of genuine materials.

Best for Small TVs: Northwest Space Heater Entertainment Center

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If you have a small TV or a small space, this 27″ x 12.4″ x 29″ (68.58 cm x 31.49 cm x 73.66 cm) unit may be the right one for you. 

It can hold up to a 32″ (81.28 cm) flat-screen TV, or you can wall mount any size above it. The simple design comes in black or white, and the slim design is a good fit for an office, dorm, apartment, or other small space. 

The fireplace uses LED flame technology that’s more energy-efficient than other heating devices, and it has a safety feature that will cause the unit to shut off if it gets too hot. I like the minimalist design and the single storage shelf for media equipment of other items. 

This electric fireplace will heat up to 400 sq ft (37.16 sq m) of space and can safely support up to 88 lbs (39.91 kg). Or, if you don’t need the heat, you can just turn on the flames for a nice warm light ambiance. 

This is also one of the best options if you’re looking for a fireplace/TV stand combo on a budget.

Heating Capabilities

The first electrical fire was created in 1912. Electric fireplaces have come a long way since then, and now they can heat surrounding air using different methods. They can use infrared heating systems, directional air systems, or a simple forced air design.

Electric fireplaces that use fans work just like most space heaters and blow air over a heat source and throughout the room. Infrared systems are typically better for warming larger spaces. 

The following recommendations can all be found on

Best for Large Rooms: Hogan Electric Fireplace TV Stand With Logset

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This Hogan electric fireplace TV stand has an infrared supplemental heater in the fireplace, which allows it to warm a space up to 1,000 sq ft (92.90 sq m). The SpectraFire Plus flame uses 3D flame technology to give the fireplace a lifelike appearance, which means that the unit will give off heat like a real fire and look like one. 

This is a quality option for a large room. 

The TV stand is a good size for a large wall and is made of real wood, making it one of the better quality units on this list. It’s well worth the investment for a piece of furniture that will last for many years and it can also help you save on your heating costs.

Not to mention that the design includes sliding barn-style doors that provide ample storage for all of your media and entertainment center needs.

Best for Small Rooms: Walker Edison Alcott Corner TV Stand

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This corner fireplace-TV stand combo is perfect for a smaller room when you need to make the most of every inch of space. This beautiful piece is available in a variety of colors and is made of real wood. 

It provides heat for up to 400 sq ft (37.16 sq m), the perfect size for a small living room or bedroom. 

The Walker unit has storage space on either side and a shelf above the fireplace, which is a must for small rooms. There are cutouts in the back of the TV stand to keep cables neat and out of sight, and the shelves are tucked behind tempered glass doors. 

The design of this unit is so unique because it’s made to fit right into a corner. Plus, if you ever decide that you no longer want or need the fireplace insert, you can remove it to have an open cubby space. 

Another important feature for small rooms is the ability to turn off the heat and enjoy the ambiance of the firelight. 

This fireplace can do just that, which will ensure that you don’t overheat your small space.

Best for No Heat: Good & Gracious Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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If you’re going to use the TV stand primarily for the visual effect and not so much for the heat and warmth, then you will want a unit that produces a realistic-looking flame effect. This Good & Gracious TV stand has heating capabilities, but they aren’t necessary to feel like you’re looking at a real fireplace. 

The mid-century modern design turns a boring TV stand into a focal point for the room. The cabinet includes ample storage space with glass doors and a large shelf for multimedia components. 

The jet black color gives the unit a classic look that will go with any decor. 

Using the included remote control, you can easily turn on the fireplace for a soft, warm glow while watching TV and getting cozy, or you can enjoy the feel of a cozy fire during the summer. 

If you enjoy the look of a fireplace but aren’t very interested in the heat, this is an excellent option to consider.

Style and Design

The electric fireplace-TV stand combination brings together two design elements into one dynamic focal point in your home. Instead of having to decide whether to view the crackling fire or the TV, you can enjoy both at the same time while also selecting a style that fits into your home’s look and feels. 

Rustic, modern, and classic designs are all common options for these units. 

Rustic designs typically feature “farmhouse” elements such as barn doors, sliding doors, and distressed wood. Modern designs usually include sleek lines, color lighting accents, and the use of different materials and textures. 

The classic design for a fireplace TV stand uses natural or deep-colored wood, traditional hardware, and convenient storage options. 

All recommendations are found on

Best Modern Look: Meble Furniture Rova Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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Meble Furniture’s Rova TV stand is a sleek design that features a glossy finish and a long, narrow fireplace insert with 3-changeable flame color options. The long rectangle shape and thin silver handles complement the overall look. 

This is an excellent option for a large TV, as the stand is 75″ (190.5 cm) wide. It features ample storage space with an additional shelf that sits above the main stand. There are integrated LED lights with 16 different color options and remote control for convenience. 

The mix of glossy and matte finishes, along with the use of glass and engineered wood, give this fireplace/TV stand a truly unique and modern look.

Best Rustic Style: Ameriwood Home Farmington TV Console

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The Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console from Ameriwood Home is ideal for any home with a rustic look. The material is a weathered-wood look composite with diagonal design elements and dark, rustic hardware. 

This piece comes in two size options to fit smaller or larger TVs, and the barn-look doors conceal the storage space on either side of the electric fireplace. 

This unit comes with remote control for the realistic-looking fireplace. 

With this Farmington electric fireplace, the look and warmth of natural logs burning in the fireplace adds to the rustic look and feel of the TV stand, and will definitely add a cozy element to any room. It looks like a good quality piece of furniture while also looking distressed and worn down to complement the rustic style and design.

Best Classic Design: ClassicFlame Deerfield Cabinet

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When it comes to a classic design, this piece has it all. 

The dark brown cherry finish and glass doors with silver handles will fit seamlessly into any home decor. The deep, rich look of the cabinet adds an element of luxury to what would otherwise be a simple TV stand. 

The electric fireplace is longer than most, with several realistic-looking fire logs. It even includes the look of a metal log stand in the lower portion of the fireplace. The linear fireplace has two options for the ember bed – the classic logs or glass crystals. 

This stand holds even the biggest televisions (up to 80″ or 203.2 cm), and it’s packed with features including Bluetooth speakers and a multi-function remote control.

Best Overall: Seylaa Frederick TV Stand

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The Frederick TV Stand by Seylaa on is a premium unit for both its functionality as a TV stand and as an electric fireplace. The cabinet has a classic look that will fit into any home’s decor, and the traditional white or chestnut color gives it a clean design.

The TV stand has subtle details like the small pull knobs that give it the feel of an actual mantle, which improves the overall appeal. 

This is by far a favorite choice because of the look, quality, and features.


  • Heating capabilities: Heats up to 1,000 sq ft (92.90 sq m).
  • Multiple flame color options.
  • Includes a timer and thermostat with an auto-off function.
  • Can be used with or without heat.
  • Holds up to a 78″ (198.12 cm) TV weighing up to 100 lbs (45.35 kg).
  • Made primarily of solid wood.
  • Includes a multi-function remote control.


  • The uneven top surface may not be suitable for all TV models.
  • Price: It is more expensive than other options on this list.
  • Only available in white or chestnut brown.

Best for Realistic Flames: Walker Edison Glenwood TV Stand

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Look no further than the Glenwood Highboy fireplace TV stand from Walker Edison on for a rustic design and a realistic electric fireplace. This unit is a little taller than many of the others, making it a great option for a living room or bedroom. 

It’s available in nine different color finishes and includes a good amount of storage. 


  • The versatile design can fit into classic, modern, or rustic decor themes.
  • Can be used with or without heat or LED flames.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great value for the price.


  • No temperature control, as the heat can only be “on” or “off.”
  • Only suitable for heating smaller rooms.
  • No remote control.
  • Not real wood.

Best for Your Bedroom: Rintuf Electric TV Stand Fireplace

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The simplicity of this TV stand on is what gives it such appeal. 

It’s made of natural wood and doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that we’ve seen on some of the other options on this list. It’s perfect for a bedroom where all you need is a TV stand and a relaxing fireplace for warmth and ambiance.

The height is also ideal for holding the TV above the view line from your bed.  

This unit is also a good value, as you’re only purchasing features that you need for a TV stand/fireplace combo for your bedroom.


  • Made of natural hardwood with burnished oak leather design and detailed carvings.
  • Adjustable heating levels.
  • Seven settings for LED flames.
  • Flames and heat can be run together or separately.
  • Includes remote control.


  • No storage space.
  • Only suitable for heating smaller rooms.
  • Not good for large TVs.

Key Takeaways

After considering the various electric fireplace TV stands available, it’s clear that the size, heating capability, style, and design are some of the most important factors to consider when making a purchase decision. 

These factors, along with the features and quality, make Seylaa Frederick TV Stand on the best overall choice for most people.

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