5 Best Remote Control Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces generate fewer airborne pollutants than traditional wood-fueled fireplaces. These devices are also capable of heating spaces up to about 1,000 square feet (93 sqm). Many new models also come with remote controls that allow users to adjust flame height and achieve their desired room temperature.

The best remote control gas fireplace for most people is the Duluth Forge FDF300R. It’s a vent-free model that’s easy to install, and it can function using natural gas and liquid propane fuels. This gas fireplace also has an oxygen-depletion sensor that can automatically shut the fireplace off.

The Duluth Forge FDF300R might not be an appropriate choice for…

This article will explore the factors you should consider when choosing a remote-controlled gas fireplace. We’ll also reveal our top picks and discuss why we think the Duluth Forge FDF300R is the best overall option.

Factors To Consider

Before purchasing a remote-controlled gas fireplace, you’ll want to take a few moments to consider a handful of significant factors. After all, gas fireplaces feature varying maximum heat outputs, sizes, features, accessories, and costs.

Consequently, shoppers should familiarize themselves with the essential aspects of gas fireplaces, including:

  • Body Type 
  • Heat Output (BTU) 
  • Features and Functions 
  • Accessories
  • Cost

Body Type

  • Freestanding 
  • Insert

Heat Output (BTU)

The primary purpose of a gas fireplace is to produce heat, so it’s crucial to consider heat output. The amount of heat a gas fireplace creates is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). 

The more BTUs a gas fireplace produces, the more heat it can output. This measurement is vital to choosing a fireplace that’s appropriately sized for your home. That’s because BTU also correlates to square footage.

It takes approximately 20 BTU to heat a single square foot (0.09 sqm) of space. You can use this estimate to calculate an appropriate BTU output for your new gas fireplace. A heating BTU calculator can also help you figure out how much heat you’ll need to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Features and Functions

Many gas fireplaces have a limited number of features and functions, but remote-controlled gas fireplaces offer far more options. 

These devices typically come with:

  • Timers 
  • Programmable Remotes 
  • Adjustable Flame Heights 
  • Multiple Heat Settings 
  • Automatic Shut-Off Safety Sensors

Depending on your preferences, you may want to choose a gas fireplace with at least a few of these features. For example, if you’re often forgetful, selecting a gas fireplace with an automatic shut-off feature or a timer function might be an excellent idea.


Installing a natural gas fireplace can easily cost several thousands of dollars. That’s because many gas fireplaces require vents to carry fumes out of the homes, and installing these pathways may require extensive construction work. Fortunately, many remote control gas fireplaces are vent-free. Therefore, they’re far less costly to install.

The average price for a ventless gas fireplace (with remote control) ranges from $300 to $1,500. Typically, installation is as simple as removing the fireplace from its container, attaching it to a gas source, and powering it on.

Best Overall: Duluth Forge FDF300R Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace Insert

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This USA-made Duluth Forge gas fireplace insert fits snugly into most mantels, making it a highly compatible unit. And with a BTU output of about 26,000, this fireplace can heat rooms up to about 1,000 square feet (93 sqm).

Still, our favorite aspect of this gas fireplace is its upgraded security features. One of the most impressive of these is the oxygen depletion sensor. If this unit senses a drop of oxygen or an increase in carbon monoxide, it will automatically shut the fireplace off.


  • Improved safety features. This gas fireplace has an oxygen depletion sensor to detect low oxygen levels and automatically shut the fireplace off.
  • Made in the USA. When you invest in this unit, you’re also investing in domestic products.

Compatible size. The dimensions of this gas fireplace make it an ideal fit for most fireplaces and mantels.


  • Poor customer service. If you experience any issues with your gas fireplace, you may end up waiting several days or weeks to hear back from the Duluth Forge customer service team.

Best Budget-Friendly Option: Pleasant Hearth VFL-VO24DR Gas Log Set

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Homeowners with pre-existing fireplaces may be looking for a gas fireplace setup that’s somewhere between a full insert and a standalone unit. This gas log set is an excellent medium that installs quickly into pre-existing fireplaces without a vent. 

The one-press ignition button eliminates the need to use dangerous matches or firelighters. Besides, the two-year warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties available for any gas fireplace.


  • Dual fuel sources. Homeowners can pair this unit with either natural gas or liquid propane, ensuring that you don’t need a natural gas line to enjoy year-round heating. 
  • Impressive warranty. A competitive two-year warranty backs this gas fireplace.

Fast ignition. To ignite your gas fireplace, all you need to do is press the red ignition button.


  • A pre-existing fireplace is necessary. Homeowners without pre-existing fireplaces may need to build one or purchase one to use this gas log set.

Best for Large Spaces: Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch (61-cm) Split Oak Log Set

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If you’re looking to heat large spaces, this gas fireplace log set can help you get the job done. Though you will need a pre-existing fireplace to install this option, you’ll be rewarded with an outstanding maximum 36,000 BTU heat output. 

Additionally, this log set comes with a two-button remote and a slew of useful accessories. You won’t need to purchase decorative coals or ash separately, as these items are included.


  • Plenty of heat. This gas log set has a maximum BTU output of 36,000. That’s far higher than the average model. 
  • Easy-to-use remote. The remote only has two buttons, making it easy for users to adjust temperatures and power the unit on and off. 
  • Lots of accessories.  Homeowners are bound to appreciate the wide range of accessories that come with this gas fireplace log set.


  • Pricey. This gas fireplace is more expensive than similar options.

Best Freestanding Gas Fireplace: Duluth Forge DFS-300T-2GR Gas Fireplace

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Those looking for a freestanding gas fireplace that looks like an insert should consider this Duluth Forge option. It’s a freestanding dual fuel gas fireplace that comes with an attractive, traditionally-designed mantel. 

Because it’s a ventless fireplace, you can place this flat-backed fireplace against almost any wall in your home. It’s a practical piece of decor that can heat up to about 1,300 square feet (121 sqm).


  • Includes a mantel. This is one of the only freestanding gas fireplaces that looks just like a traditional fireplace and mantel. 
  • Fits flat against walls. You can place this fireplace and mantel against almost any wall. 
  • Doesn’t require a pre-existing fireplace. Homeowners that don’t have pre-existing fireplaces can easily install this device.


  • Doesn’t have a fan. This gas fireplace doesn’t include an internal fan. So, it has a harder time heating large spaces quickly.

Best Gas Fireplace Stove: Duluth Forge FDSR25 Gas Stove Fireplace

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This fireplace comes with all the standard set of features you might expect from a Duluth Forge gas fireplace: an oxygen depletion sensor that can automatically shut off power to the fireplace, exceptional 20,000+ BTU output, and a vent-free design. 

However, this gas fireplace also doubles as a stove. It can operate using either natural gas or liquid propane, meaning that users can use this device during power outages. Consequently, this fireplace stove may help those living in cold climates comfortably get through harsh winters.


  • Multipurpose. This gas stove fireplace is ideal for heating homes and cooking stovetop meals. 
  • Classic design. The look and design of this gas stove harken back to simpler times, an aesthetic that may appeal to some homeowners.
  • Simple operation. You can operate this stove fireplace with the help of the simple, four-button remote control.


  • Accessories not included. The practical side shelves aren’t included and must be purchased separately.

Key Takeaways

After comparing these capable gas fireplaces and their features, we found a clear winner: the Duluth Forge FDF300R Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert. 

This vent-free fireplace has a maximum BTU output of 26,000. It can heat spaces between 800 and 1000 square feet (74 and 93 sqm). 

The included oxygen-depletion sensor is a practical safety feature that can help keep users safe. Consequently, we think the Duluth Forge FDF300R is the best option for shoppers looking to buy the best remote control gas fireplace. 

Be sure to check out the Duluth Forge FDF300R on Amazon today.

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